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The official community for cubejs, a complete open source analytics platform.

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A complete open source analytics platform: frontend SDKs and API backed by a fully managed analytics infrastructure.

We obsess over developer experience. Cube.js gives development teams the building blocks to create a complex, custom-tailored analytics experience.

Cube.js empowers the developers to build custom and large-scale analytics features

Cube.js is designed to work with large-scale data sets and implements various optimization techniques. It takes the pain out of building analytics by maintaining the infrastructure and the query engine.

ORM for your analytics

Cube.js makes it easy for developers and data experts to collaboratively model the analytics domain. Being extremely flexible, it allows you to express everything from simple counts to cohort retention and funnel analysis.

Query cache and database connection handler optimized for high load

The Cube.js query engine handles all the complexity of caching and managing database connections, letting you focus on building a great user experience.