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Female Founders Community

The go-to place for female founders to find support, advice, and guidance from other female founders.

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The go-to place for female founders to find support, advice, and guidance from other female founders. Feel free to share about your startup, resources you find valuable in running your startup, advice/tips/tricks on fundraising, review of investors, tools you find valuable, events, and anything else relevant. Also, feel free to vent. We are here for you, and you are here for us. Let’s win together.

FFC Member Definition and Requirements:

  1. All women and those identifying as women 18+
  2. A Founder of a company that is currently in operation. That company can be any stage from idea/concept to a company that has received later stage funding. The company will be technology, product or services based.
  3. An executive (Director, Vice President, Principal, Partner, C Level) in a Service Based Firm (Legal, Accounting, IT/Technology, Marketing, Management, PR/Agency, Human Resources, etc.)
  4. An Investor or Operating Partner of an Investment Firm (Angel, VC, Family Office, Private Equity)
  5. An executive (Director and above) at a Private or Publicly held company, For Profit or Not-for-Profit
  6. All women looking for an opportunity to actively participate in a vibrant multi-faceted eco system that encourages, develops, unifies and grows women leaders. A network focused on providing support and resources to develop skills and capabilities, develop your project, engage with new markets and facilitate your access to funding sources.
  7. All members of the Female Founder Community (FFC) must participate as an individual and therefore will sign up with their personal Facebook account. Those wishing to sign up using their company or group page will not be permitted to move forward as a member of the FFC. Our goal is to enhance and strengthen relationships on a one to one basis, with and among individual contributors. We do not wish to provide any barriers to engagement that allows for this community to grow and flourish.

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