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The official discord community of Gatsby the React framework that allows you to build blazing fast websites and apps.

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This place serves as a community hub for all things related to Gatsby. You can participate in different channels:

  • announcements : Changes/News about this Discord server and Gatsby itself

  • general : You are very welcome to join the channel to talk about Gatsby and join the discussion of the team about issues and PRs, but also off-topic stuff

  • need-help : Beginners can ask their questions regarding Gatsby

  • i-made-this : Members who created a tutorial, starter, website etc. can share their work

The firehose category offers you a couple of channels that will contain the latest updates/posts from these media channels. You should probably mute those  But if you want to receive push notifications for e.g. #twitch you can certainly do that (check the notification settings!). You can use bot commands in #bot

We want to foster an open and welcoming environment  We expect you to follow our Code of Conduct ( to fulfil this goal.

Thank you for using Gatsby!