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A community for creative female entrepreneurs. Join Engagement groups and get inspired to talk with others.

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Hey gals! Welcome to the official group for Societygal!

Here’s the basics of the community :

Don’t be a hater. We don’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea, or do things exactly like someone else but we can always still send our support.

We want to see growth so Monday - Friday we have different engagement groups so you can build your own following!

Invite your girlfriends by sharing this link with them → or add them once you are accepted in the group.

Get inspired and talk to others, get to know them. Chances are you and the other gals have somethings in common and that is why we created this group.

If you’re only selling, we ain't buying - this is a community, not a platform to promote/sell your product. Offer business advice + form relationships and then that will come naturally.

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